Waiting for the 3G iPhone

I got my first taste of 3G mobile browsing over a year ago when I bought the RAZR v3xx and I absolutely loved it. Combining 3G with an unlimited data plan ($20 per month on AT&T) changes your life. Pages load in a snap, and all of a sudden using a WAP browser is actually enjoyable – so enjoyable that I found myself going to WAP sites (e.g., Yahoo! Mail) even when java client versions of the product existed (e.g., Yahoo! Go). The ESPN WAP site is also particularly good if you are constantly checking sports scores like me.

Anyways, my phone died over a month ago and ever since I’ve been falling back on an old RAZR v3 that was collecting dust. In a few words, it’s been brutal. It’s so f’ing slow, which basically makes it unusable. Luckily I also have a corporate Blackberry I can use to connect to the web when on the go, but I don’t bring this phone with me all the time. This means that there are now lots of times that I have no access to the internet, a predicament that wouldn’t be a big deal for some people (e.g., my mom and dad), but is a major problem for a hyper-connected geek like me.

I thought about getting the iPhone right away after my v3xx died, but with all the rumors of a 3G iPhone on the way soon I decided to tough it out until June. Why get a device with such great Internet browsing capabilities (i.e., the large screen and the Safari browser) if you can’t surf on the 3G network, and you’d also find yourself coveting the new iPhone just a few months later?

Thankfully June is approaching quickly. And now there is more news about the impending iPhone reported first on Times Online, and later referenced by Silicon Alley Insider. The speculation this time around is about a “radically different” appearance (e.g., a flip phone version or one with a real QWERTY keyboard). It seems strange to think about an iPhone that doesn’t look like the iconic version we are all used to. Of course if they do come out with something radically different, something tells me that Apple will nail it – just like they did when they came out with each subsequent version of the iPod.

June can’t come soon enough.

Waiting for the 3G iPhone

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