Hulu is awesome

So with some of the TV shows coming back on the air this week for the first time since the writer’s strike, my DVR finally woke up from its long winter hibernation. Getting home late on Thursday night, I missed The Office at its regular time. Of course this was no problem for me because I knew that my trusty DVR got it all.

When finally watching the episode the next day (which by the way was absolutely brilliant), my eye was caught by a promo for 30 Rock. It’s a show that I really like, but since I’ve only seen it a few times, most of which were right before the strike, it never made it into my DVR recording list. So what did I do? I went to Hulu. Sure enough, right there waiting for me was “The MILF Island” episode of 30 Rock (nearly as brilliant as The Office). Once mocked by Google employees as “Clown Co.”, these guys are now bringing it. The video player is f’ing awesome. Turn down the lights for a more cinematic feel. Go full screen and still have great video quality. Embed or share the whole episode, or easily grab just the clips (you pick the starting and stopping time) that you want to share. And most importantly, they have great content (screw buying the A-Team DVD, you got it right here). Bottom line, this is what watching television on the web should be.

As a random side note, I stumbled on this this clip below, and am now convinced that Angela from the office (whose real name is evidently also Angela…who knew?!) is one of the greatest actresses of our time. Seriously, is this the same person? You can tell that Pam basically plays herself in the show, but Angela is like Jekyll and Hyde.

Hulu is awesome

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